Please find here below an overview of the frequently asked questions regarding our services and products or other practical matters such as payments, deliveries and returns. A list such as this always remains in development and the possibility is there that your question has not been included as we become aware of arising questions from the visitors every day.

In this case please contact us through the details provided on the bottom of this page where you will also find the complete company details. 

Frequently asked questions


1.2 How long does it take till my order is dispatched?

Our goals is to always dispatch any on order the very same day. 

Of course, this is only possible for articles that are directly available from stock and as long as there is still the possibility for the order to be prepared and handed over to DHL on that same day.

Therefore, we are transparent about how many items are directly available from stock as well how much time there is left for the order to be processed on the same day.

DHL only collects on Monday to Friday so any accumulated orders during the weekend period will be automatically dispatched on Monday.

In cases where ordered items are not directly available from stock, an estimate is given of when its stock entry is expected. It will then also be dispatch directly once it is on stock again. If only a partial delivery of your order is possible, we will realize a partial delivery and deliver the remaining items without any additional charges when these become available again.

In a small number of cases, it can happen that delays occur while processing the order. In these cases the orders will be dispatched with the next DHL collection. In case of any other possible delays we will contact you with further information.


2.2 From where will my order be shipped ?

All the orders are shipped from Brussels (CP 1000), Belgium (BE), European Union.

2.3 Which shipping company is used for deliveries ?

All the orders are shipped through the DHL network where an option is offered to choose between DHL Express offer air freight deliveries worldwide and DHL Parcel covering the most of European territory through freight transport.

DHL Parcel is usually the better option for heavier orders that are not required urgently in order to pay the extra cost of air fright. DHL parcel distinguished between private (Connect) and business (Europlus International). One of the differences between the two is that in some countries DHL Parcel Connect will delivery to the nearest pick up point while DHL Europlus International will make a door to door delivery.

There where possible, we tend to use air freight as much as possible in order to assure the quickest delivery possible.

If desired it is also possible to have the order collected by your own forwarder. In that case the pick-up option can be selected during check out and we will contact you through e-mail in order to coordinate the pick up.

2.4 How to follow the delivery of my order?

Once the order has been prepared an automated mail will be sent out with the corresponding tracking number through which the delivery process can be followed. 

You will also be receiving information throughout the entire delivery process during its different stage such as order notification, order pick up, delays, out for delivery and similar.

For any requests during the delivery process such as change of address or request of delivery to a pick up point, it is recommended to contact the local DHL customer service directly. 

2.5 What are the transit times?

The delivery times will depend upon the region where the goods are shipped to. Goods that are on stock are mostly shipped on the same day or alternatively the next working day. At this point, the buyer will be informed that the purchased items have been dispatched and a tracking number will be provided for the necessary follow up of the delivery trajectory.

The shipping is done through DHL network and during check out it is possible to opt for land freight through DHL Parcel or air fright through DHL Express.

As the list of countries is extensive and subject to changes due to external factors, we would like to refer to the DHL transit time calculators in order to provide the most correct information at all times. When calculating the transit times it is important to know that the goods are shipped from Brussels (Postal code 1000), Belgium (BE).

For shipment through DHL Express please click here to open the transit time calculator or here for the transit times through DHL Parcel.

Please note that the pick up with DHL Parcel is not always possible on the same day. Therefore it is prudent to take into consideration that the shipment might be picked up the next working day in order to avoid disappointments.

2.6 Can the order be shipped with the forwarder of my choice ?

An alternative shipping company can be used if this is desired. In this case the best option is to indicate during check out that you prefer to pick up the order yourself.

In order to dispatch the order, you can generate a label from the forwarder that you prefer to work with and send it to us via mail. We will then make sure to have the order dispatched through the forwarder of your choice. 



3.3 The honey that is offered through Unifier.ONE, is it fully natural?

Yes, all the kinds of honey are fully artisanal and natural of raw organic origin. We guarantee that the honey does not contain any additives or has been manipulated in any way.

3.4 What is the origin of the honey?

The honey is imported from the rural areas of Croatia or Bosnia Herzegovina. The origin is always mentioned on the page with the corresponding specifications of a specific type of honey products.

3.5 What honey variations are available in general?

Unifier.ONE can offer more variations of honey than those displayed on the web site. At the time being following variations are available through the beekeepers that we collaborate with:
chestnut honey, acacia honey, flower field honey, forest honey, thyme honey, sage honey, linden honey, amorpha honey as well some medicinal preparations of honey mixed with ginger, curcumin, cinnamon, propolis, pollen or fresh green nut. 

3.6 How long can honey be preserved?

Theoretically, honey will stay good for ages when stored in the right conditions even though it might crystallize. We advise consuming the honey within the 2 years following the purchase date for the best product guarantee. 

3.7 How do I preserve honey the best?

The honey should be preserved in a cool and dark place. It is important to expose the honey as less time as possible to the air by keeping the jar hermetically sealed. As honey remains alive it will interact with the surrounding and have the tendency to absorb the humidity from the air in the room. It is important to note that the honey will crystallize faster below 12°C and is ideally kept at room temperature.

3.8 How should I consume honey?

The honey should always be kept from metal objects such as spoons, knives and similar as these will provoke accelerated oxidation of the honey. Honey is preferably consumed with wooden spoons and alternatively plastic offers an alternative.

3.9 Why does the honey crystallize?

This is a natural tendency that every honey has and is perfectly normal to happen. The manner in which the honey crystallises can also contain indications if the product contains additives.

3.10 Why does one jar tastes different to another?

When consuming authentic natural raw honey, there will be a difference between one jar and another even though it is the same type of honey originating from the same beekeeper and harvest. The bees collect honey from different parts and every hive will have its own variations not only between one part of the hive and another but as well compared to the other hives. Commercial honey with a universal taste for one type of honey is simply not possible to achieve through natural honey harvesting and it is a clear sign of industrial honey.

3.11 Why does one honey crystallises faster than other?

The speed of crystallisation depends on the degree of natural sugars that the honey contains. Due to its nature the chestnut honey, for example, will crystallise slower than flower honey considering the fact that chestnut tree has less sweetness to offer than  the flowers due to difference in their intrinsic nature. 

3.12 What can I do when honey crystallizes?

Once the honey crystallises, it is possible to revert this process without any loss of its natural properties. This can be done by putting the jar into the water of around 40 °C for some 10 to 20 minutes maximum. With time honey will tend to crystallise again as this is the natural tendency of honey. This of course if you prefer to consume the honey in liquid form as it is perfectly possible to consume it in crystallised form as well. 

3.13 Can I use the honey to cook or in a hot tea?

In order to keep the honey in its optimal state, it is recommended to keep it under the body temperature. Any temperature above this level will accelerate the process of oxidation making the honey to lose natural health properties. When used in the tea or cooking it is recommended to add the honey once the honey will not be warmed in such a degree that it starts oxidation and losing beneficial properties. 

3.14 What is the mix of honey with propolis and pollen used for? (MagicMix)

This mix is used in order to improve the general well being, offer energy and offer prevention against the effects of stress. Propolis has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and is known for its properties against bacteria, viruses and fungi among many other health benefits.

In combination with three different kinds of honey and pollen, it offers a complete health "cocktail" that can be used on a daily basis. The recommended usage is one spoon a day on an empty stomach for at least three months. If it is felt that a higher daily dosage or a longer period of cure is needed this is also possible. The feedback of the body should always be taken into consideration at all times and if necessary the treatment should be stopped or continued according to the internal feedback of the body.

3.15 Does the Propolis tincture contain alcohol?

Yes, a tincture is by its nature an alcoholic solution and in this case, 2 parts of propolis are solved in 3 parts of 75° medicinal alcohol.

3.16 How to use the propolis tincture?

The externally propolis can be used and applied like any other substance with this purpose, directly to the affected area. In the case of open wounds, it is recommended to be more careful due to the presence of alcohol. Therefore it is also advised to give time for alcohol to evaporate as much as possible before application. 

In case of the internal used it is recommended to put propolis tincture drops on a sugar cube and let it for few minutes for the most alcohol to evaporate as much as possible and then place it under the tongue so that it can dissolve and be absorbed. The general dosage is approximately 17 drops a day when used over a longer period of time (2-3 months) but in case of a more acute situation, this dosage can be increased to three times 20 drops a day for not more than 5-7 consecutive days. The person under treatment of chemotherapy in some extreme case even consumes one bottle 20 ml a day. 

It is very important to stay aware of the feedback from the body at all times and use it intuitively. It is recommended to start with a small dosage of propolis tincture and slowly build-up to keep an eye on the reaction of the body. Propolis is a very powerful substance and its power should not be underestimated. 

Alternatively, the drops can also be put in a spoon of honey or on a piece of bread if sugar is not the preferred option. 

3.17 Can I be alergic to propolis?

It is not so probable that you are allergic to propolis as that you might be allergic to (one of) the three(s) where the bees have collected the substances from. 

Especially in the case you are aware of allergies to certain trees it is recommended to do a small test on the skin by testing the reaction through applying of few drops and giving it time to react. It is impossible to determinate which trees are present in propolis as the bees can not be controlled and they go and find the best "material" available in the area of the hive. 

3.18 - OIL & VINEGAR

3.19 What oils can I buy through Unifier.ONE?

At the time being it is possible to buy raw olive and pumpkin seeds oil. 

3.20 What is the origin of the oils?

The oils originate from the rural areas of the Croatian Adriatic sea.

3.21 What is the applied production process?

All the oils have been obtained through a traditional artisanal process of first cold press.

3.22 How are the oils obtained?

All the oils are obtained through the mechanical first cold press and of extra virgin quality.

3.23 Is the oil of extra virgin quality?

Yes, all the oils offered through Unifier.ONE is obtained through the first cold press and so of extra virgin quality. Only selected olives and of organic origin are used.

3.24 What kind of olives are used for the oil?

Only organically grown fresh green olives are used to produce the olive oil.

3.25 Why does the olive oil crystallize?

The olive oil has the natural tendency to crystallize at lower temperatures just as it is the case with honey for example. At room temperature, the oil will go back to its normal state without losing its original nutritional properties. 

3.26 Can I use this oil for cooking?

These oils of extra virgin quality are intended for cold dishes or as a finishing touch to warm dishes and not for direct use in cooking on high temperatures as this would cause many beneficial properties offered by the oil to get lost due to oxidation. For the purpose of cooking, there are more economic products of inferior quality available on the market. 

3.27 How to store the olive oil?

The olive oil is stored preferably on room temperature in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight. The place does not necessarily need to be dark. Olive oil should not be stored in the fridge as the cold will cause it to (temporary) crystallise.

3.28 How long can the olive oil be preserved?

When properly stored, the oils can easily be preserved for 2 years or more after the production date. 

3.29 When was the olive oil produced?

The olive oil offered through this webshop is always the product of the last harvesting season as the product is produced from fresh olives. The stock is only kept until the production of the next season becomes available and will be replaced by it at that time.

3.30 What kind op pumpkin seeds are used for the oil?

For the pumpkin seeds oil only non-grilled pumpkin seeds are used originating from organically grown pumpkins.

3.31 How long can the pumpkin seeds oil be preserved?

The pumpkin seeds oil has a particular aspect that is can it is not immediately ready for human consumption after the pressing processes as that it has a maximum preserving period as well. Pumpkin seeds oil offered through this webshop is always ready for consumption and can easily be preserved for 6 to 12 months after purchase date when stored properly.

3.32 How to store the pumpkin seeds oil?

It is recommended to keep the oil in the fridge once it has been opened. To prolong its lifespan, keep the oil temperature stable by only taking the desired quantity for consumption out of the bottle without letting the oil in the bottle too long out of the fridge. Keeping the temperature fluctuation to a minimum will benefit the life span of the oil.


3.34 Are the jams offered on Unifier.ONE halal?

Are the jams offered on Unifier.ONE halal?

3.35 What kind of gelling agent is used in the jams?

Pectin, vegetal based gelling agent is used in all the jams except in fig jam. In the case of fig jam, no gelling agent has been added of any kind.

3.36 Which variations of jam are offered through this web shop?

For the time being only jams of fig, raspberry, strawberry and Aronia chokeberry (with a little of raspberry) are available for sale through this webshop. 

3.37 What kind of fruit is used for the production of jam?

Only organic fruit that has been grown in the most natural way possible is used to produce any of the articles offered in the "Fruit Juices & Jams" category. This is also valid for all the other products offered on this website. 

3.38 How is the jam produced?

The production is produced in a fully traditional and artisanal way. Just the way our grandmothers used to do it. All the fruit is grown and transformed into jam locally by the same people responsible for the whole process starting with planting the fruit seeds and ending with putting the jam in the jar. The whole process happens actually in the same place and is as local as it can be.

3.39 How long can the jam be preserved?

The jams are hermetically sealed by the use of the traditional method. In this method, the jam is put in very hot jars. Upon closing in this state, a hermetic state is provoked once it cools down. Due to this, the products can easily be stored, in a fully natural way, up to two or three years after production date, as long as they have been stored correctly.

Once the jar has been opened it is recommended to keep the product in the fridge and consume in the following 6 weeks approximately. If the temperature is kept stable the lifespan of the product will increase. Therefore it is advisable to keep the product as much in the fridge as possible and take out only the desired quantity for consumption while keeping the pot itself as much as possible in the fridge.

3.40 The jam contains sugar, can the jam still be considered as natural?

Sugar is a substance that is needed to make the jam as it is the case for most of the fruits. Otherwise, we would not have the result with the structure of a jam that could be preserved or be recognised as such. In cases of some specific fruits, as it is the case with the fig, no sugar has been added as the jam can be produced without it. In this last case, a touch of cinnamon has been added in order to accentuate the taste and give it a subtle character.

3.41 How to use the raspberry syrup?

The homemade raspberry sirup can be consumed by simply adding water in the desired proportion or it can be consumed in its concentrated form as a dressing of various desserts or fruit salads.

3.42 What kind of fruit has been used for the raspberry syrup?

In order to produce the raspberry syrup exclusively organically cultivated fruit is used. During this process, no pesticides or other undesired substances of any kind are used. The total process starting with planting the fruit seed and ending with squeezing the juice into the bottle is done in one place by the same people and is therefore totally local and traditional.

3.43 Does the raspberry syrup contain sugar?

Yes, it does in very moderated quantities.

3.44 What kind of fruit is used for the Aronia chokeberry concentrate?

For the Aronia chokeberry concentrate, only organic fruit is used without any other additives. The fruits have been cultivated without any use of pesticides and are as natural as fruit can be.

3.45 Does the Aronia chokeberry concentrate contain sugar?

No, the Aronia chokeberry concentrate is raw and cold-pressed and no additives are used.

3.46 How to consume the Aronia chokeberry concentrate?

The Aronia chokeberry concentrate is advisably consumed on empty stomach or alternatively before the meals. However, there is no contraindication of using it in another way if desired.

3.47 How long can the Aronia chokeberry concentrate be preserved?

Once the bottle has been opened the concentrate should be stored in the fridge and preferably consumed in the following 45 to 60 days.

3.48 How to store the products from "Fruit Juices & Jams" category?

The products from the "Fruit Juices & Jams" category are preferably stored in a dark, cool (stable temperature) and dry place and should be kept away from direct sunlight.


3.50 What is the size of the wooden decoration panels?

All the panels have a standard size of roughly 45x30x2 cm. The wood that has been used is very solid and the weight of each panel is just under 2 kg.

3.51 Which wood has been used?

All the panels are made of beech wood (Fagus sylvatica) with origin from Bosnia Herzegovina where the panels have been produced.

3.52 What is the symbolism of beech wood ?

Beechwood symbolises trust, patience, softness, vitality and joy of life.
It is well known that wood is a living material and therefore contains some kind of consciousness. The beech tree is considered to possess a form of consciousness that will resonate inside of us with our ability to study and obtain knowledge.
In old times a piece of bark was kept near the student in order to improve the study results. It also invites to meditation and prayer allowing us to connect with our ancestors and the ancestral wisdom that they had been granted by, and obtained through the permission of, Allah (swt). Beech trees are believed to enhance creativity and to pertain to wisdom and written word.
Considering the fact that we offer Islamic art of calligraphy related to the Quranic teachings, we find it the most fitting choice of wood to be used in art that is meant to remind and invite us to study as well appreciating the beauty of submission to Allah (swt).

3.53 What is beech wood good for?

Beech is a hard, strong and heavy wood. It has a fine, tight grain and even texture. Beechwood is very light in colour and has a high shock resistance. It is a popular wood for furniture and will give your room a warm feeling.

3.54 Have the panels been treated?

All the panels are treated with Aqua wax, a water-based natural treatment in order to protect them as much as possible for any external influences that could affect them.

3.55 Are these panels hand made?

The panels are hand made while the engraving is done in combination with the use of a laser. The process of manufacturing fully by hand would make it almost impossible to realize and would become too costly. Custom work is possible as the manufacturer of the wooden panels has a tradition that goes pack a long time. 

3.56 What is the lifetime of a panel?

The wood that has been used is of the highest quality and has been treated with a natural product for protection. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the panels will endure along time and can easily be passed to the next generations.

3.57 Are the ayats and surahs being commercialized?

No! This would be against the Islamic tradition and teachings. The price is merely meant to cover the costs of materials, work, machinery, transport, import duties, storage and marketing costs. In case there are any revenues, these are orientated towards social initiatives. It is important to note that the initially produced stock has been imported with this purpose of supporting the war-torn economy of Bosnia in the first place and that achieving this objective is already an achievement by itself. 

3.58 The wooden panels change colour. Why does this happen?

Wood is a material that possesses consciousness and remains in life even after it has been processed into a decorative wall panel. Wood will react on all the external parameters as well as on the energy around it and can even look different from one day or place to another.

The fact that it remains alive is what makes it a suiting material to put such an important message on as it is the case with Quranic or Islamic carving which is meant to remind us of the right path and invite us of our search, approach and submission to Allah (swt) as well the continuously ongoing study of our religion as a Muslim.

3.59 How can the panels be used?

The panels can be exposed on a wall or to support on any furniture or place in the house as might be the chimney border for example.

The remark has to be made that the panels do not contain a specific system of how the panels can be hanged. This is due to the fact that the panels can be used in different ways. In some cases, men choose to cover a whole wall with the panels and in this case, any built-in system would be an obstacle. We advise hanging them with double-sided adhesive paintings stickers that are sold for this purpose in your local DIY shop or any other among many other alternatives that can be found on the market. If desired also a little clue hole can be created depending on the exact need. In any case, it is the buyer that will have to take care of this part according to the desired use.

Panels are designed to be used indoors and outdoor use is not recommended unless the climate circumstances permit it. 


3.60 I am interested in offering the panels myself or buying the panels as part of fundraising in my NGO.

The panels are not produced in very big quantities but all the stock that we have is available for sale to private or business buyers as well non-profit organisations that might be using these as part of the fundraising initiatives.

There is a possibility to have the production done on order with specific verses or calligraphy when total quantity is in excess of 500 units or more.

For the buyers that are looking to buy quantities of 25 panels or more per order can contact us through [email protected] for inquiries at wholesale conditions.

We are open for collaborations worldwide and please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or questions that you might have. For further information please visit the wholesale section.


3.62 What is the purpose of photography offered on this web site?

Simplified, the photography offered on Unifier.ONE is meant as an alternative way of collecting funds for doing social projects.

This means that all the revenues obtained through this channel are orientated towards the ones in need. At the time being the most active social activity is focused on the homeless refugees and helping them meet their primary need by providing food to them directly.

It can not be ignored that the streets of many (big) European cities know enormous numbers of brothers and sisters in this situation. Unfortunately, any help offered within this domain just seems to be a drop on a hot plate. Therefore all help is welcome how small it might seem, help on the street is needed harder than ever.

With just a few Euros, we can provide a nice meal to more than ten persons that will be very grateful. In exchange, we offer photography with all its rights to use it in the way you wish. In case that you do not specifically wish to receive a photo, it is possible to add Zakat as a product into your cart as well with the same purpose. Through this way, much higher amounts can be donated as well with one single action.

We would like to remind all our fellow Muslim brothers that Zakat is strongly emphasised within the Islamic religion and it is for a good reason that it forms one of the five pillars. Not for nothing good deeds or charity are common to all the religions or virtues in the cultures worldwide. Therefore we invite any visitor of this site to participate in this initiative in any degree possible as all little bits count. 

3.63 What can the received photography be used for?

The photographies will be sent to you in digital format and with full but not exclusive rights over the received photographic material. This means that you might use the photography in any way you wish except unedited resale. It can be used so in any creative or marketing material in digital and printed form or just as a beautiful image or poster that can decorate any space not only with its beauty but also bring along the good energy of having done a good deed.

It is possible to receive the picture in printed format or print it yourself at the locally available services. Unifier.ONE just charges the costs that are charged by the third parties for the printing costs but the inevitable shipping costs should be considered when choosing this option. 

3.64 When will I receive the photograph?

The digital formats will be sent by mail within the 24 hours after purchase. If the file is too large for sending it through e-mail a file transfer solution will be used. In this case, a link will be provided so that the corresponding download can be realised. 

In case that you choose to receive a printed or canvas format of the chosen photo, the delivery will depend upon the time needed to have the material printed and shipped to your destination. The printed formats are only done upon order and should be normally available within the next 5 to 7 working days at most.  Once the print has been received, the shipment can take place and a tracking number will be provided. For the average transit time, please see further details in the general section of this FAQ section. 


3.65 What is the format I will receive the photos in?

The photos will be delivered in *.JPEG format. It is also possible to have the RAW format for most of the photos. In case that your interest goes out to this option please contact us with your enquiry in order to discuss the further options as the RAW format are not part of the standard service. 

3.66 What is the resolution that I will receive the photos in?

Different photos can have different resolutions. We will always provide you with the highest resolution available of the chosen photo. In most cases, the available resolution of any specific picture is usually mentioned in its specifications.

3.67 All the photographs have a watermark. Will I receive the same?

No, the original format of the selected photograph(s) will be be sent out without any watermark.

3.68 What is the quality of the printed photographs?

The photographs are printed by professional services and meet the highest professional standards.

3.69 Is it possible to return a photograph?

No. Neither the digital nor the printed formats can be returned. The photography is exclusively printed on order and therefore cannot be returned according to the corresponding EU regulations just as the digital formats can not be returned for the obvious reasons. Furthermore, the price of the photography is considered a donation orientated toward this use and once this money has been received, it is used for that purpose immediately. 

3.70 Can I sent in my own photography to be printed in poster or canvas form?

Yes, this is possible. The printing can be done not only on photographic paper or canvas but also on other items such as cups, shirts and similar belong to the possibilities as well. Please contact us for further information in case you might be interested. Please note that this is not something we do as our core business and it is only done as a service towards the visitors of this website project. 

3.71 I would like to donate the rights over my own photography, is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to accept professional photography of landscapes and beauties of nature in general. These will be used then to collect Zakat donations with the purpose of doing a good deed with social impact. It will be necessary to provide a written statement giving us the right to edit, use and resale the provided material. This right does not need to be exclusive. Thank you beforehand for considering this option and participating in our social impact projects. 


Here you will find answers to questions of "general nature" that have not been specified in any of the categories below. The questions included here are most relevant to the general functioning of the website as well any other aspect related to orders, shipments, returns, payment options etc.

4.2 Do the prices include VAT?

All the prices shown on our website include VAT.  Nutritional articles are subject to 6% VAT and the general rate of 21% VAT is valid for all the other articles.

On the contrary, buyers located outside the EU are not subject to VAT as long as the delivery address is also outside the EU territory. Please note that in these cases local import rates may apply in the country of destination. These are for the account and responsibility of the buyer. 

For professional buyers outside of Belgium with a valid EU tax number from another member state, it is possible to swift the VAT. If this is your case, please contact us via [email protected].

4.3 Will I receive an invoice ?

Yes, intermediately after completing the purchase, an invoice will be generated automatically and delivered to the e-mail address provided by the buyer during the purchasing process. Have you not received the invoice correctly? Do you need a duplicate? We remain available for all your questions of this nature via [email protected].

4.4 How can I pay?

We try to accept as many payment methods as possible in order to make shopping on Unifier.ONE more comfortable. At the time being, the accepted payment methods are:

Visa - MasterCard - American Express - CartaSi - Bancontact - KBC/CBC Payment Button - Belfius Direct Net - ING Home'Pay - DEAL - SEPA Bank Transfer - SOFORT Banking - EPS -Giropay- Pay Pal

For more information please visit the our "payments" section located in the footer of this page.

4.5 Is my order insured?

Yes, the deliveries are covered by the standard insurance coverage of the transporter. The standard coverage for most of the destinations is up to € 520,- per pachage. 

It is important to note that the dispatched goods become responsibility of the buyer at the moment that these are handed over to the transporter. Of course, we will make sure to dispatch the goods appropriately packed and protected for the traject ahead. We will also make sure that the order is properly documented (for customs purposes outside in case of deliveries outside of the EU).

4.6 What to do with an demaged order?

Once the order is handed over to the transporter, the goods become the responsibility of the buyer. All the orders that are dispatched through Unifier.ONE is covered by the transporters insurance policy. In case of damage, it is also the buyer who needs to contact the transporter and make the claim. Unifier.ONE can only assist in this process if the buyer prefers so but is not responsible for the final decision made by the insurance company. 

4.7 How can I make an return?

You can return your purchase within 30 days after the date of order without specifying any reason. But there are some rules. Nutritional and medical products can not be returned either can the purchase that has been shipped outside of the EU or has been purchased by professional buyers.

It is also important to know that the original costs of the delivery are not refunded and that the return is at the expense of the buyer. The buyer is, of course, free to choose any transporter of his choice. In some cases Unifier.ONE can coordinate the return but the corresponding cost will be deducted from the eventual credit note. 

The return will have to be done through your account or announced through [email protected] prior to handing it over to the transporter for return. Needless to say, the goods have to be in the unused and original state and risk of transport belongs to the buyer. The orders that are dispatched by Unifier.ONE are covered by transport insurance. 

4.8 Who pays the return?

All the shipping costs of the returns are for the account of the buyer. This means that nor the original delivery nor the return shipment will be refunded in case of an eventual credit note. It is also the buyer who is responsible for organising the return shipment and free in his choice of which transporter to use. 

4.9 How long will it take?

Upon the reception of the returned goods, inspection will be performed within 48 hours. If the return is accepted, the refund will happen within 5 following working days. Please take into consideration that delays can apply due to the use of financial system depending on which bank is being used. 

As mentioned elsewhere on this page, the refund will have to be announced prior to shipping and comply with the conditions to make the return.

4.10 Where is Unifier.ONE registered?

This webshop is operated by a Belgian registered entity and all the amount invoiced are through a Belgian VAT number and subject to Belgian law. 

4.11 How to buy wholesale?

Wholesale services are offered for certain orders. Please visit the corresponding wholesale section in the footer of this page or contact us through [email protected].

4.12 How to distribute products through Unifier.ONE?

Unifier.ONE is open to expanding its current offer of the products available through this site or other channels. In case you think that one or more of the products that you distribute may be of our interest, please contact us through [email protected]. We are looking forward to receiving your offer. 

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